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"Why shouldn't you burn Paraffin candles?" That was what I was wondering as my mom told me her doctor cut her off from burning her candles cold turkey. One thing you need to know is my mom is a candle junkie. Taking away her candles was like cutting off her right arm. ...And so began my journey for the search for safe and healthy candles.

After researching paraffin, I understood the doctor's concerns, and began to worry about my own families health. I tossed the traditional candles in my collection, and looked into a healthier alternative - which brings us to Soy wax. Soy wax is made from 100% soy beans, grown right here in the USA.  They burn cleanly, and since they are made from vegetables, they are healthy!

Another love of mine, and my partner, is woodworking. Nothing beats stirring that pot of sauce with a hand carved spoon. The sealants, however, made me curious. They are usually made from a mineral oil base, and isn't that a waste product of petroleum like Paraffin? Sure enough, a little research revealed exactly that, and the risks can be unpleasant, including exposure to carcinogens just like burning Paraffin wax.

Our passion is to create safe and healthy products for our home, and yours!  And the bonus? All candle containers are reusable. Soy wax not only burns cleanly, but cleans up neatly, too. It "pops out" of the container with a little pressure on the edge, and easily washes up with soap and water. This allows you to wash and reuse the mugs for coffee or tea, and the tins can be used for storage. No waste!